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Riding Thermofoil Doors and Drawer Fronts (RAF)

Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a low maintenance affordable type of cabinetry that provides the look of wood. They're made of medium density fiberboard or MDF. This substrate is then covered with a thin layer of vinyl or laminate and heat fused or laminated that creates a smooth surface with no color variations or streaks. The technology has advanced where we can now offer wood grain laminates that give the appearance of real wood.

These cost effective doors and drawer fronts tend to be low to medium priced, making them an appealing choice for individuals wishing to reface their kitchen or bathroom(s) on a tight budget.

The thin layer of vinyl or laminate creates a nonporous surface that doesn't hold dirt, which makes this type of kitchen cabinet doors very easy to clean. You don't need to worry about water or water based cleaners warping them because the vinyl or laminate sheet is air tight and solidly adhered to the MDF preventing moisture from getting into the fiberboard and damaging it. It is, however, important to make sure the surface hasn't been gouged or scratched or the airtight seal will be damaged and the nonporous surface will be compromised.

Excessive heat can melt the adhesive that fuses the vinyl or laminate to the MDF sub straight and cause it to peel or delaminate. Caution must be used when doors and drawer fronts are near a heat source such as an oven, cook top, stove or microwave oven. In addition, caution must be used in very humid area such as a bathroom.